Form creation

Form creation

Go to „Multi Step Form“ > and click „Add New“.

„Steps“ – Here you can define the individual steps and fields of your form. There are „Steps“, „Sections“ and „Elements“. The steps are divided into subsections (sections), which can be filled with form elements (elements).

  1. „My Multi Step Form“
    Name of the form, is only used and displayed in the backend. Use „Add Step“ to create a new step in the form.
  2. „Elements“
    The form elements you can drag & Drop in the „Sections“ on the right.
  3. „Step Title“
    Name of the step, which is displayed in the progress bar, below the number.
  4. „Step Headline“
    The heading of the form. is displayed above the progress bar.
  5. „Step Description“
    The Copytext placed below the headline.
  6. „Sections“
    The „Section“ area. The form elements are placed – either by drag & drop or with the button „Add Element“.

„Mail Settings“

  1. „Send mails to“
    Enter the recipient of the send email here.
  2. „Subject“
    Enter the subject line of the email here.
  3. „Email Header“
    If need be you can write a introduction text which is displayed above the output of your form.

You can also import form’s via JSON import. To allow JSON upload within your WordPress add „define( ‚ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS‘, true );“ to your wp-config.php.

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