MSF Demo

Multi Step Form

Welcome to this short demonstration of the Mondula Multi Step Form for Wordpress.


U can use Sections to easliy structurize your content for e.g. user surveys.

Multi Selection

Use the designed elements for your formulars

Input Fields

Here u can see the selection of different types of input fields currently usable with this plugin

Form Submit

This is the final step where the user submits the form to u.

  • Introduction
  • Sections
  • Multi Selection
  • Input Fields
  • Form Submit

Short introduction

Create responsive, complex Multi-Step formulas. A drag & drop-based back end makes it easy to create highly complex forms for e.g. user surveys.

You can use the animated progressbar to guide your users through your forms.
Change the colors to match your CI.

Section 01

It is possible to put in custom text at all places.

Example Textfield

Example Textarea

Section 02


Section 03


Section 04


Radio Buttons

Please choose between:


Please choose one or more options:


Please choose a option from the list

Input fields

Simple text field

Simple text field

Custom textarea

Date field with calender popup

User data

First name

Last name

Date of birth



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