Multi Step Form – Documentation

1.Installation #

Click „Add New“ in the WordPress plugins section

Use the search field on the right side and enter „Multi Step Form“

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2.Configuration #


  1. „Mail Format“
    Here u can set the format (HTML or Plain Text) of the outgoing emails
  2. „Summary“
    If this checkbox is checked a summary will show up at the end of the form and is placed in the email
  3. „CC“
    If this checkbox is checked the user will get a email with the submitted data


  1. „Progress Bar“
    Turn the progress bar on or off (activated by default)
  2. „Boxed Layout“
    „Boxed Layout“ affects the content boxes in your form. If the checkbox is checked, the content boxes are displayed with a gray background color and a colored bar on the left side. The color of the bar results from the color you select in the „Active Step Color“ field. If you uncheck the checkbox here, you get a plain layout.
  3. „Active Step Color“
    The color value, which can be set in „Active Step Color“, is the primary color of the progress bar as well as the leftbar color of the content boxes
  4. „Visited Step Color“
    The color value you can set in „Visited Step Color“ is the color in the progress bar for the already completed steps in the form.
  5. „Next Step Color“
    The color value that can be set in „Next Step Color“ is the color in the progress bar for the steps that have not yet been accomplished in the form
  6. „Button Color“
    The color value you can set in „Button Color“ is the color of the buttons below for the forward and backward navigation


  1. Enable entry saving
    On default the checkbox is not checked. Check it to save your form entries
  2. Entries per page
    Here u can choose how many form entries per page will show up in the backend


  1. Enable conditional blocks
    On default the checkbox is not checked. Check it to activate the „conditional fields“ in your forms


  1. Enable user registration
    On default the checkbox is not checked. Check it to activate the „user registration“ in your forms
  2. Notify new users
    On default the checkbox is not checked. Check it to notify new users
  3. Save Metadata
    On default the checkbox is not checked. Check it to save the filled forms as metadata
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3.Form creation #

Go to „Multi Step Form“ > and click „Add New“

„Steps“ – Here u can define the individual steps and fields of your form. There are „Steps“, „Sections“ and „Elements“. The steps are divided into subsections (sections), which can be filled with form elements (elements).

  1. „My Multi Step Form“
    Name of the form, is only used and displayed in the backend. Use „Add Step“ to create a new step in the form
  2. „Elements“
    The form elements you can drag & Drop in the „Sections“ on the right
  3. „Step Title“
    Name of the step, which is displayed in the progress bar, below the number
  4. „Step Headline“
    The heading of the form. is displayed above the progress bar
  5. „Step Description“
    The Copytext placed below the headline
  6. „Sections“
    The „Section“ area. The form elements are placed – either by drag & drop or with the button „Add Element“

„Mail Settings“

  1. „Send mails to“
    Enter the recipient of the send email here
  2. „Subject“
    Enter the subject line of the email here
  3. „Email Header“
    If need be u can write a introduction text which is displayed above the output of your form
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4.Conditional fields #

Go to „Multi Step Form“ > „Settings“ > „Conditional Fields“

  1. Enable conditional blocks
    On default the checkbox is not checked, please make sure to set the marker here to activate the „conditional fields“ in your forms

This is a simple example how „conditional fields“ can be used.
> See MSF Demo

  1. Choose a (dish)
    This Form Element (Dish) includes the prerequisite (pizza) for the conditions below
  2. If (dish) is (pizza) show (crust type)
    This Form Element (Crust type) is hidden on default. Only if the customer chooses (pizza) in the Form Element (dish) above, it will show up and the user can choose the (Crust type)
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5.Form Entries #

Go to „Multi Step Form“ > „Settings“ > „Form Entries“

  1. Enable entry saving
    On default the checkbox is not checked, please make sure to set the marker here to save your form entries

Go to „Multi Step Form“ > „Entries“

  1. Export
    Choose „Export“ and click „Apply“ to export forms as csv
  2. Filter by form
    You can filter forms by „free version“ and „plus version“
  3. Entry ID
    Every entry has an individual ID
  4. Form ID
    Every form you create has an individual ID
  5. Form Fields
    You can see a summary of an entry by clicking the arrow
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6.Integration of the form #

Go to „Multi Step Form“ > and copy the shortcode

2. Open the desired page/post and insert the shortcode there. Now the Multi Step Form is integrated and will be displayed.

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  • admin/ 26.10.2017Antworten

    Feel free to write a comment and ask questions!

    Regards – Your Mondula Team

  • Peter/ 03.11.2017Antworten

    Hey there,
    ive upgraded to the Plus Version. Where do i enter the Registration Key?

    Great Plugin btw

    Regards Peter.

    • admin/ 03.11.2017Antworten

      Hi Peter,

      you can enter the License Key at „Multi Step Form“ -> Settings -> PLUS when the Plus-Plugin is installed. You will only receive updates for the Plus-Version with the license key entered. Btw if you are changing domains or moving to another WordPress-Instance, you can always de-register your key and enter it on your new setup.
      Have fun creating these forms!

      All the best
      The Mondula Team

  • Peter/ 03.11.2017Antworten

    Hello Mondula, yeaah i found it.
    Thx for the quick reply 🙂

  • sks1993/ 08.11.2017Antworten

    Hi – is it possible to add a new field? I need a number field.

    • admin/ 08.11.2017Antworten

      We have several fields with numbers in the backend.
      If you can code – feel free to exand the plugin. What kind of umber field did you mean?

  • Emanuel/ 09.11.2017Antworten

    is it possible to use a shortcode on any of the steps? I have shorcode that needs to show on at least one of the steps. Please confirm this can be done! Tnx

    • admin/ 09.11.2017Antworten

      Hi Emanuel, sry no shortcodes allowed For security reasons we cannot allow PHP on page in the form at the moment.

  • Gary/ 10.11.2017Antworten

    I’m using it for FREE. How can we customize the lay-outs(Columns, Size, Font etc.) and how to reorder the EMAILED response(it seems that the email output is backwards).

    • admin/ 11.11.2017Antworten

      Dear Gary.
      The plugin is open source. You can expand the features. We will be proud if you share them with all users via If you need more support in building individual feel free so send a mail with detailed informations.
      We offer the PRO with a lot of features. For individual requests we have special offers.

  • Kshitij/ 23.11.2017Antworten

    This is a fantastic plugin. Can you please tell me which files do I need to edit to tweak the layout of the HTML email sent to the admin and the user in cc. Thanks. Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Sabreen/ 24.11.2017Antworten

    Is it possible to integrate this form to mailchimp?

    • admin/ 24.11.2017Antworten

      Hi there!

      This feature is not available at the moment. Maybe we will integrate it in the next updates.

      Regards – Mondula

  • Kj/ 25.11.2017Antworten

    Hi, i want to ask, for the free version, are responses from the first page saved when the user goes to the second page?

    • admin/ 27.11.2017Antworten

      The free version saves everything and will create a mail at the end, the PLUS will save to a database table.

      thx for using the MSF plugin
      Mondula Team

  • Marius/ 27.11.2017Antworten

    Hi. Can i change text of “next step“ and “submit“? I want to buy full version, but i don’t know if i can personalize the texts. Waiting for you answer. Thank you!

    • admin/ 27.11.2017Antworten

      Got to and find our plugin. There is a translation project for the free version – this might help.

      thx for using the MSF plugin
      Mondula Team

  • Ankit/ 28.11.2017Antworten

    Can we send PDF attachment in mail and show all the information whatever we add or select in the form?

    • admin/ 28.11.2017Antworten

      there is no PDF-Integration in the Plugin.

      best regards,

      Mocndula Team.

  • Tod Franklin/ 01.12.2017Antworten

    Can the user save the form and continue later? I would like to have the form behind a password-protected page and allow the user to come in and out of the form as much as they want to. Do you have a save and continue later feature? Can they makes changes and resubmit?

    • admin/ 01.12.2017Antworten

      No, a feature like that is not possible and not planned. Sry.

  • Melisa/ 03.12.2017Antworten

    When I tried to save my Step-form, that don’t save. Can you help me. Thanks!

    • admin/ 04.12.2017Antworten

      Hi Melisa,

      Please try changing your theme back to the standard wordpress theme and deactivate all plugins except of the multi step form.
      If that doesn’t work, maybe try out different browsers.

      Regards – Mondula

  • siki/ 04.12.2017Antworten

    Is it possible (with pro version) to send form by mail and save to database, both at the same time?
    Also is it possible to save to database just some choosen fields (for example save only : name and email, and send all fields by email : name, email, adress, message…)?
    Thank you!

    • admin/ 05.12.2017Antworten

      Hi there!

      1. It is possible to get a mail and to export the entry, both ways work.
      2. That is not possible at the moment but we will think about it and maybe feature it in the upcoming updates.

      regards – Mondula

  • Deon/ 04.12.2017Antworten

    Hi Gary, can you have multiple columns for the form layouts?

  • Eyad/ 05.12.2017Antworten

    Hi there,

    I have translated the plugin into Arabic language and I am using it in my own project, can I share the translated plugin with you so that you can make it available to all users?

    • Eyad/ 05.12.2017Antworten

      Also, I have noticed that the validation message on email field is not correct, always it shows „this field required“ messeage!

      • admin/ 06.12.2017Antworten

        Did you check the box „Required field“ for the email field? If so, this field will always be required.
        If you have the plus version and you use the registration field, email will always be required as well.

        Regards – Mondula

    • admin/ 06.12.2017Antworten

      you can. The free Plugin has a translation project:

      best regards

      Mondula Team

  • webtechpower/ 11.12.2017Antworten

    can the admin email contain multiple email addresses. I have a multi-form i tested for one of my customers but when i changed my receive address to hers she missed an order

    • admin/ 11.12.2017Antworten

      Hi there,

      this option is not possible at the moment, but perhaps we will integrate it in the upcoming updates.

      regards – Mondula

  • koderius/ 12.12.2017Antworten

    Are you aware of the fact that your plugin is totally unworkable through a RTL admin?!
    How can you expect me to upgrade to pro for 50$ if it doesn`t meet the basic RTL requirements.

    • admin/ 13.12.2017Antworten

      Yes. We do not support full RTL at the moment. We never said that RTL is fully implemented. If you don’t like the PLUS features feel free to use the foerever free basic version and modify the free plugin to your belongings.

  • Patrick/ 13.12.2017Antworten


    When mail is received, it seems I can’t directly reply to the customer by pushing on reply, instead I have to copy/paste the email. Can this feature be provided?

    • admin/ 14.12.2017Antworten

      Sorry, not at the moment

  • Petr/ 25.12.2017Antworten

    Hi! Thanks for the excellent plugin!
    Is there a possibility in the Pro version not to send email, but to add selected parameters to the URL of redirect-page („thank-you“-page) for further processing?

    For example like this: …../?_formid={_formid}&rnField6={rnField6}&rnField12={rnField12}&rnField13={rnField13}

    • admin/ 28.12.2017Antworten

      Might be possible. This option is not planned as a feature, but it might be possible. We can check that from 03. of january and will come back to you via mail.

    • admin/ 11.01.2018Antworten

      Hi Petr,
      out of the box, we can not do this. This would require an extension of the free plugin. If you like a small JavaScript challenge, you can clone our git repo from and navigate to the frontend.js file. You would need to edit the function sendEmail(summary, email, files, reg) and append each query parameter to the url variable before line 820. If you are not familiar with coding, we will add this feature to the list of upcoming updates – otherwise, we would really appreciate a pull request on GitHub.
      All the best,

  • Goncalo/ 03.01.2018Antworten

    Hi, how can I translate words like next step, previous step, sucess, submit. I searched in POT file but it isn’t there.

    • admin/ 03.01.2018Antworten

      do you use the actual version? Please check the version and the translation project for the free version at

      • Goncalo/ 04.01.2018Antworten

        Yes I installed it from wordpress repository inside wordpress dashboard. It’s version 1.2.3. I have not update to do :/

      • Goncalo/ 04.01.2018Antworten

        I went to, minutes ago, I downloaded the zip for my pc, i went to lang folder, i opened the pot file, i do not used the search tool and after check one by one I didn’t see this words

  • Jo/ 03.01.2018Antworten


    Is it possible to align horizontally the checkbox fields instead of piling them one on the bottom of the other?

    Also, when you say „Please check the version and the translation project for the free version at“ it means are we not allowed to change the text by the editor?


    • admin/ 04.01.2018Antworten

      Hi, not at the moment „out from the box“, we did that for a individual request.
      The translation is handled by the translation project. With the free you can do whatever you want. No warranty 😉 With the plus, support ends with modification of the files outside the backend.

  • Joao/ 05.01.2018Antworten

    I bought the PLUS upgrade, I’m unable to make some fields conditional in my current forms. After I save the settings disappear.

    • admin/ 05.01.2018Antworten

      Hi, thx a lot.
      Conditional logic? Please Check gain. Logg out and see what happens in the frontend.

  • Jonathan/ 12.01.2018Antworten

    Hi, Great plugin. Can I ask what the maximum file upload size is ? if that is set by the plugin?

    • admin/ 12.01.2018Antworten

      The same as the upload size in your mediathek

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