About us

About us

Since 2012, Mondula GmbH has succeeded the widely established kurtius-looft GmbH following a change in management.

Our dedicated employees have seamlessly integrated into the new company and remain the cornerstone of our team. Their longstanding collaboration reflects valuable experiences that inform our projects.

Originally focused on proprietary web solutions, we’ve evolved our strengths in web development with the increasing availability of content management solutions. As a specialized agency for WordPress, we develop plugins and themes for clients and have introduced our own innovative solutions to the market.

We apply our extensive web development experience not only to WordPress but also to crafting bespoke browser-based solutions and native apps. Supported by our design team, our programmers deliver exceptional user experiences in our solutions.

Our design team’s expertise extends beyond browser-based solutions; we provide comprehensive consultation and support for digital assets and brand development.

Thanks to this comprehensive expertise, our clients benefit from a solid range of services built on trust, quality, and mutual success.

Our client collaborations are guided by the following principles:

Customer focus


In all our business activities, we place a special emphasis on our environmental impact. For several years, we have actively integrated sustainability principles into our daily work. In 2022, we first calculated our emissions and have since been certified as “carbon-neutral.” This marks just the beginning of an ongoing awareness journey. Our goal is to further reduce our ecological footprint and become carbon-positive.

We already prioritize resource-efficient practices across all areas. For business travel, we prefer and use the train whenever possible. For years, we’ve produced minimal paper waste, diligently sorting our recyclables, and sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable energy providers Polarstern.

We encourage our partners to adopt similar measures and inspire them to reconsider and adapt their business practices. Together, we strive for a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to work.

Our view of sustainability extends beyond ecological aspects, encompassing social considerations as well. Hence, we offer our employees flexible working hours, opportunities for remote work, and additional benefits.

Interested? We’re happy to help

  • Interested? We’re happy to help