Software Development

Simply Smart Software

It is our goal to realize easy to use software that can be operated easily and is able to show complex data in a plain way. Especially concerning browser based software there are is a multitude of elegant solutions that are common to most users of social networks and online shops. On this basis we develop software for companies and their customers – inclusing browser based intranet solutions as well as solutions for external affairs.

Business Software

Business software should ease processes, satisfy customer needs or motivate employees – best all three. The latter is our ambition. It is important for us that the implementation of our products is favorably recieved and conributes to the optimization of workflows as well as resource useage. Ideally data is inserted into the system at the very first opportunity – that is where the data comes into existence or where it enters the company.

That is not always as easy as it sounds but our solutions help in doing so as well as it serves to avoid redundancies and eases intuitiv data entry and conversion.We focus on browser based thin clients together with a Java backend server.

Thin Clients

  • Javascript
  • Angular.js, ExtJS, D3.js, jQuery
  • HTML5, SVG, CSS and other Web-Technologies

Browser based thin clients ar frontends of a system that are completely runnable within the browser of a computer. They offer the advantage of being usable from any computer without elaborate installation. Furthermore it is ensured that all users work with the same frontend end data. We use Java an HTML5 which allows quick work without needing to reload the site.

Java Server

  • Java – JEE, Spring, OSGI
  • Datenbanken: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • ZK, Freemarker, JSF
  • REST, Webservices

The counterpart of a thin client is the server that we normaly establish based on Java. We use existing components here as well enabling a fast development. Java components like JEE and Spring are our technical basis. We use OSGI for modular concepts to achieve a maximum of flexibility of the system.

Mobile Data

  • Realizing Responsive Websites with HTML5
  • Realizing of Applications with PhoneGap

Mobile applications are getting more and more important for companies. For developing fancy mobila applications we use our partner network. For developing standardized components we use Phonegap and so are able to produce applications for different platforms in a cost-saving way. For easy tasks a optimized website often is enough – of course this is part of our service.


  • WordPress
  • Extension of this System

A CMS helps when administration the sites of a website. It eases the supervision of complex websites and their maintenance. We decided for two most populat systems: Drupal and WordPress – both can be adapted to your needs.

Individual solutions

Our Technologies

  • Server: Java, JEE, PHP
  • Client: JavaScript, SVG, HTML5

Internal Solutions

  • Private Cloud Solutions
  • Process Automation
  • Browser Based BI-Supplements, Charts and Reports

External Solutions

  • Complex Websites Based on CMS
  • Calculation and Analysis: Business Intelligence

  • Interested? We’re happy to help

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