Web Development

Web Development

Your website is your digital reputation.  A site needs to be unique and must comply to important criteria found on the www to get the right perception of your customers.

Every website we develop fulfills this purpose on the base of clearly defined requirements that must be included in the development of every website.

The correct visual design builds the foundation, which is the groundwork for your individual design concept. Fitting colors and fonts in a clear layout complement the concept and generate the design for the entire website.

Quick load times, a great view on mobile devices, a suitable content concept and optimization according to SEO aspects will ensure that your website is easy to find and will leave your customers impressed by your offers.

Web performance optimization

Page analysis basic
Analysis protocol and catalog
Analysis of your Website
List of Improvements
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Page analysis pro
680 €
Detailed analysis protocol, catalog of improvements and implementation
Detailed analysis protocol
Catalog of improvements and implementation
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Page analysis pro+
* 1800 €
* Budget based proposal
Multi-level analysis
Campaign based catalog for improvments and implementation.
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