About Mondula

The Company was founded in 1996 as kurtius looft mediadesign GmbH in Hamburg and has since worked as a supplier for web-based software solutions. With the advent of Content Management Systems we shifted from pure web development to developing software solutions for companies with a strong focus on data visualization.

In 2012 management changed. Accompanying this changed the company gained a new name and the kurtius looft mediadesign GmbH became the Mondula GmbH. This emphasized the focus on browser-based enterprise software.

The way we work


Software should provide frequently used functionality as easily as possible and deny, or at least warn of, undesired outcomes. This is our maxim. Hence scripting may get more complex because of the individualization of tools – but for the user it means simplicity.

Automate Everything

Often automated processes are less error-prone and less laborious. On this account we try to automate everything – from aquisition to analysis.

Join Forces

Data should only be entered once into the system and be processed

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