Multi Step Form – Plugin for WordPress

Multi Step Form – Plugin for WordPress

Create responsive, complex Multi-Step formulas. A drag & drop-based back end makes it easy to create highly complex forms for e.g. user surveys.



Some key features of this plugin

  • Animated progress bar.
    The animated progress bar is responsive too and shows – separated in steps – your users where you are in the form.
  • Fully responsive!
    Perfect for mobile access! The Frontend of Multi Step Form is fully responsive. It can be used on all devices, be completed and submited from there. We made sure that the form output can be optimally displayed on all screen resolutions.
  • Drag&Drop
    Creating forms is as easy as never before. Use Drag&Drop to place the fields in your formular. These can be moved and rearranged at any time. The individual steps of the forms can also be moved so that the sequence can be changed or expanded afterwards.
  • Back end
    The back end is simply structured. Even untrained users can quickly understand the Plugin. Our Pro versions also offer user support.



Multi Step Form will be continuously improved. The free version provides a variety of exciting features for creating complex forms.

In future the free version features will be continuously fully accessible. Further features, e.g. the display of evaluated reports or formatted output mails will only be available in the Pro version, which will probably be available in two release stages.

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  • Augusto Campos/ 05.02.2017Antworten

    Is it possible to add images or videos to each step? How?

    • admin/ 06.02.2017Antworten

      Hi Augusto,

      thanks for your question.
      You can use HTML in a ‚paragraph‘ element.

  • Jesutofunmi/ 06.03.2017Antworten

    this is beautiful

  • Neha/ 24.03.2017Antworten

    Want to send two different email .one for registrant and another for admin

    • Neha/ 24.03.2017Antworten

      Want to add HTML stuff in my email body how can i put these

      • admin/ 24.03.2017Antworten

        Not possible via backend at the moment ;-(
        If you want to modify this wait for the Pro-Version upcomming the next month or you have to modify the code by yourself.
        Otherwise we can provide exclusive solutions. If you like to get an offer write us a mail at

    • admin/ 24.03.2017Antworten

      Hi, you can choose more than one reciepient. Insert the adresses comma separated in the field in the backend. Different mails are not possible.

  • Simon/ 13.04.2017Antworten

    Hallo, super Plugin! Aber Daten einiger Steps werden nicht als E-mail übertragen (Schritt Nr 4 und der letzte Kommentar im Schritt 5). Kann ich das Problem lösen?

    – gibt es ein Captcha?

    • admin/ 18.04.2017Antworten

      Habe mir das angesehen, sehe nichts ungewöhnliches im Aufbau…gibt es eine Max-Upload-Size, die das möglicherweise verusacht/beeinflußt?

      Captcha derzeit nicht, aber in der PRO (ab Mitte des Jahres) wird es ein Captcha geben.

  • jamz/ 23.04.2017Antworten


    thanks for this great plugin.

    i am using (multi step form plugin) in my website, but I am facing a big problem.
    my form consist of three steps .. and when the visitors fill the form and submit it, the form is not sent completed to my email. some fields are not sent !!

    any advise ?

    • admin/ 26.04.2017Antworten

      we have a very few Users with a problem similar to yours. We will try to reproduce the Error.
      Can you maybe send a screenshot, a clipping of the mail and a link to your site?
      best and thx a lot for your comment

      Mondula Team

  • Andy/ 26.04.2017Antworten


    I am currently testing your plugin in my WP website.

    I added all my steps and options to my form but when I try to save it tells me „Undefined“ .

    I believe it may be a problem with the characters that I used in the Labels of the steps, things like &, /, % . Are there any restrictions regarding that?

    Is there any way to find out what triggered that message?

    Thank you!

    • admin/ 02.05.2017Antworten


      as we are currently developing a PRO version for Multi Step Form,
      we do not have the resources to handle individual requests right now.

      Best wishes,

    • admin/ 02.05.2017Antworten

      Have you tired the plugin with a fresh WordPress …maybe on of you plugins is producing the error. Disable all and try again.

  • hydz/ 18.07.2017Antworten

    Hi, I am using your Plugin, and it is really great, I just want to ask if where can we edit the code, and is it possible like to put a specific page or shortcode to it, so it will be a completely step by step process for us, if yes, let me know where I can try to edit it, I appreciate it. Looking forward for you pro version, I hope in your pro version you will have this payment integration and database in backend as well as the import of csv.

    All the Best

  • admin/ 19.07.2017Antworten

    Hello hydz,

    this is a open source plugin and you can find this project at GitHub

    One Pro feature will definitly include saving the the forms in a database and exporting them as i.e. CSV Files

    Regards your Mondula Team

  • Sandra/ 09.08.2017Antworten

    Hi, I’m currently using your Multi Step Form Plug in, I have created 4 separated forms with field that have required input, however the problem is that as I step through one form it seems to call the other forms and giving the error Please fill all the required fields!
    This error condition is repeatable if any of the forms are you not using has required fields enabled. Is there a solution to this problem? Many thanks

    • admin/ 10.08.2017Antworten

      Hi Sandra,

      We’re sorry to hear about this problem.
      You can check if the problem still appears by creating just 2 forms (one with a required field and the other one with no required fields). We will take a look and work on it asap.

      Regards – Mondula

  • Nacc/ 01.09.2017Antworten

    Hi, Thanks for this great plugin, however is there anyway we could make it use for Multi page Forms , instead of Multi step form as the Multi steps are all on same page and look too long to fill but the multipage form will would change the user experience.
    any help would be appreciated

  • Mubasher Riaz/ 13.09.2017Antworten

    Please download link -this plugin

  • Ethan/ 29.09.2017Antworten


    It’s interesting plugin, well done.

    Just wondering if you can hook any of the steps to do something in the back end before going to next step? I need to send verification code to a mobile that user entered and go to next step if the entered code is correct. Is that possible?

    • admin/ 04.10.2017Antworten

      Hi Ethan,

      It’s not possible at the moment but we will consider your request and maybe plan it for future updates.

      Regards – Mondula

  • admin/ 17.10.2017Antworten

    Here is a video of our plugin made by the user „computer“, which also shows you the installation and features. Thank you for making this video!

  • Martin/ 07.11.2017Antworten

    I would like to rename button name (Next, Previous, etc) and warnings to other language. It’s possible now?

  • Esteban/ 27.11.2017Antworten

    Is posible to Integrate this with woocomerce, like sending categories based in the form??

    • admin/ 27.11.2017Antworten

      nope, not at the moment. ;-(

      thx for using the MSF plugin
      Mondula Team

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